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I’ve been quite busy today, so I would like to share with you some news I’ve found. Feel free to check them out.

These are from Stop the ACLU.

  • Valedictorian Sues School for Religious Liberty.
  • Ohio Democrats PROTECT racial segregation. They are still racist bastards.
  • Airforce Ready To Deploy The Reaper.
  • Federal court upholds ‘ One State Under God ‘ in Texas Pledge of Allegiance.
  • (Video) Huckabee Calls for National Smoking Ban in Public Places. Over my cold dead cigarrettes.
  • These are from CAGW (Citizens Against Government Waste):

  • Tell Your Members of Congress to Make Their Earmark Requests Public!
  • Sign the 2007 Prime Cuts Citizen’s Demand!
  • August Porker of the Month: Rep. Jim Oberstar.
    And so much more
  • !

    This next article is from Michael Yon, and it is called, “Ghosts of Anbar, Part III of IV: A Model for Success.” (If anyone happens to have part 2 of this series, I would appreciate it if you could email it to me. I don’t remember seeing it.)

    Here we go again, and you’ll never guess who is alerting us to this prejudiced action. M. Zudhi Jasser, MD, of American Islamic Forum for Democracy. The name of the article is School to provide Muslim students with foot baths, and it is written by Andrea Billups over at Washington Times.

    There are also many bloggers I’ve read today and yesterday. The Pirate’s Cove, Woman Honor Thyself, Potbelly Stove, Right Truth, LGF, The Florida Masochist, DeMediacratic Nation, Diary of the Mad Pigeon and so many more. If you are new to blogging or new to reading blogs, you may want to leave messages. This is one way to find that you are not alone out there. None of us truly ever are. But that’s another post. 😉

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  • The Florida Masochist: The Knuckleheads of the Day award.
  • The Florida Masochist: Widow penalty class action.
  • CommonSenseAmerica: Administration Urges Court To Open Borders – OTA.
  • DeMediacratic Nation at Townhall: When Hillary Met Norm.
  • third world county: Mike Huckabee Jumps the Shark.
  • Stuck on Stupid: LBJ’s Gay Sex Scandal. I don’t know why, but for some reason my stupid IE won’t allow me to view your site to give you a trackback. Maybe if you could email the tb, I could do the same favor for you? I don’t have s-e-x as a blocked item. At least I don’t think so. If anyone could help me with this, I’d sure appreciate it. Now that I can’t read it, I really want to! LOL.
  • Right Truth: Dirty Love.
  • The Uncooperative Blogger: The Uncooperative Radio Show! 08-31-07 – 09-02-07.
  • Planck’s Constant: Three children killed in IDF strike on Kassam launchers.
  • DeMediacratic Nation: Imam Mahdi – May God Hasten His Appearance; A Friday Sermon of Al Qaeda/Taliban/US Alliance.
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    NFL Pre-season week #4

    Now that I seem to be getting back into the grove of reporting these games, I shall just give the names of the teams, my pick, and the final scores. (Hey, leave me alone. I’ll get to last week’s scores as soon as I finish here. lol)

    Thursday, August 30, 2007.
    New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles. I want the Phillies to win, but the Jets are winning right now. Come on, Eagles! Final: NYJ 13; PHI 11. Darn.
    New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. I want the NYG to win. Final: NYG 20; NE 27.
    Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans. Gosh, Tenn. is really whomping my Packers, but I’ll give them this one last one chance… GB 14; TEN 30. Okay. Time to face facts. Boohoo.
    Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings. Hmm. I don’t know. I have something against both of them, but I’ll go with…Dallas. No, wait! The Vikings. No, make that the Cowboys. See? Final: DAL 14; MIN 23.
    Houston Texans vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Final: HOU 24; TB 31.

    I can’t keep up with the scores, so I can’t honestly pick a team. I already know too much about them, and I’m still losing! Arghh!

    Pittsburgh Steelers* vs. Carolina Panthers. Final: PIT 19; CAR 3.
    Arizona Cardinals* vs. Denver Broncos. Final: ARI 3; DEN 21.
    San Francisco 49er’s vs. San Diego Chargers*. SF 13; SD 16.
    Oakland Raiders* vs. Seattle Seahawks. OAK 14; SEA 19.

    Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions. (It’s already final. Otherwise I would have gone for Buffalo.) Final: BUF 16; DET 13.
    Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Final: WAS 14; JAC 31.
    Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints. Final: MIA 0; NO 7.
    Kansas City Chiefs vs St. Louis Rams. Final: KC 3; STL 10.
    Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears. Final: CLE 19; CHI 9.

    There are two games tomorrow:
    Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons. Final: BAL 10; ATL 13.
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals. Final: IND 6; CIN 14.

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    Today, August 29, 2007, someone who lives in Lambeth, London in the country of the UK looked at or used my site at 2:12 am UK time. I don’t know who it was, because they covered their tracks. lol. Anyway, thank you for stopping by. You were my 2,000 visitor! Wow. Well, can’t think of much more to say, other than woohoo! 🙂

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  • The Florida Masochist: The Knucklehead of the Day award.
  • DeMediacratic Nation: The Right Doesn’t Make Scandals Like the Old Hat Left.
  • Right Truth: WMD Phosgene from Iraq Found at United Nations.
  • Potbelly Stove: More incompetence from the U.N..
  • Diary of the Mad Pigeon: Open Topic of the Week: Rove/Gonzales/Craig Triple Header.
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    28 Aug 07
    by Staff Sgt. Paula Taylor
    4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs.

    TAL ‘AFAR, Iraq – Soldiers of D Troop, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, have a unique mission that requires several trips outside the security of Forward Operating Base Sykes.

    The Soldiers, who belong to D Troop’s “Outsider” Platoon, have conducted more than 350 re-supply missions since their operations began in November, said Spc. Joseph Moore, motor transportation operator.

    Most recently, the Outsiders completed their 100th mission within the past two months, delivering food and water to local villages that were devastated by vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices that killed hundreds of local citizens.

    The explosions, which began the evening of Aug. 14, set in motion a chain of events that would test the fortitude of the Outsiders and keep them on the road and in harm’s way for several days. “We got word that the villages needed emergency supplies around 11 o’ clock Tuesday night,” said Pfc. Mathew Fisher, motor transport operator. “Within an hour, we were loaded up and ready to go.” The next day, the Outsiders drove 10 pallets of water and eight pallets of food and met with the reconnaissance element near the villages of Al Jezeera and Khahtaniya.

    “We linked up with B Troop who showed us where we needed to go and drop our supplies,” said Moore, an Albion, Penn., native. “Fisher and Sgt. [Jason] Bedore unloaded the food and water—they were walking around and delivering to people’s doorsteps because there were children and elderly people who couldn’t carry it. They were just helping everyone out as much as possible because the destruction was pretty massive. One of the [blast] holes was about the size of a bus.”

    After delivering the emergency supplies to the villages, the platoon returned to Forward Operating Base Sykes, where they had just enough time to eat dinner before loading their trucks for their next supply mission that required a trip to Combat Outpost Nimur the following morning, Aug. 16.

    “They went out there to deliver a forward repair system, a field feeding kit, Class I rations such as food and water, and Class III fuel supplies,” explained their Troop commander, Capt. Kenneth McGraw. “The forward repair system is a maintenance system for repairing vehicles. It has tools and a lift for hoisting engines; it’s a mobile garage. Within the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment’s area of operations, wherever there are Soldiers, it’s our job to provide them with necessary supplies, in addition to delivering emergency supplies to locals in times of crisis.”

    The platoon continued their emergency deliveries on Aug. 17 where they delivered an additional 16 pallets each of water and food to the Iraqi police stations in the villages, Fisher said. “The [vehicle borne improvised explosive device sites] were pretty sad to see,” explained Spc. Randy Johnson. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. The destruction—the houses were just leveled. There were women and a whole bunch of people crying. The terrorists were cowards for attacking innocent civilians like that; they had no means of defending themselves. They destroyed innocent lives for no reason.”

    Although Johnson admits these types of catastrophes are hard to witness, he appreciates the opportunity to help the people when they need it the most. “It’s good to see smiles and watch the little kids running around with the food and water. Hopefully they forgot, at least for a couple seconds, what happened,” the Lindenwold, N.J., native explained. “I enjoy my job—driving to different [combat outposts] where our troops are and supporting them. Even the humanitarian missions are rewarding, just knowing we’re helping people out.”

    McGraw shares the platoon’s enthusiasm for helping people and lauds his Soldiers’ tenacity. “I’m so proud of them.” McGraw said. “They work really hard and never complain. It’s been nice to be able to watch them grow and learn every day.”

    Photo – Sgt. Marshall Wright, D Troop, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, helps members of his unit and the Iraqi Army distribute water in Al Jezeera, Iraq, Aug. 15, during a humanitarian mission. The mission, which was formulated after a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated in the village on Aug. 14, was to deliver 10 pallets of water and eight pallets of food rations to the local people affected by the blast. Photo by Sgt. Paula Taylor.

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    29 Aug 07
    By Cpl. Ryan M. Blaich, II
    Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD)

    HABBANIYAH, Iraq – When a group of American military advisors deployed to Iraq and took over a small combat outpost on the outskirts of town recently, they knew the task ahead might get tough, but each day would be rewarding. The Marines and sailors that make up Military Transition Team 13, working alongside the 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division, are increasing the security of the area and the quality of life for local residents as well.

    They operate out of a dusty, war-faced outpost named the OK Corral. They usually work long hours, patrolling streets with Iraqi soldiers or standing post overlooking the Euphrates River. They cook each meal themselves, because there is no chow hall to feed the 14 Marines, two corpsmen and company of Iraqi soldiers. They have learned to adapt, dealt with sweltering heat and braved the roadways of a foreign land.

    Many of the men of MTT 13 have been to Iraq before, making them ideal candidates for an advisory team. The soldiers that make up 1st Battalion are veteran war fighters as well; hardened by battles past, experienced in combat operations. Perhaps that is why the people in this area trust the Iraqi soldiers.

    Habbaniyah acts as a corridor in a crucial area, known as Jazerria, located between the once terrorist safe heaven cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. Nowadays, people go about their lives freely while searching for jobs, attending schools, plowing fields and shopping in crowded markets without fear of being shot in the crossfire of combat.

    “The IAs have won the trust of the people,” said Cpl. Jason Syvrud an infantryman attached to MTT 13. “People see that they’re here, the area is safe, they are happy that their families aren’t at risk anymore. The IA is here to help the whole country and get this back on its feet. The people are loving to see the change. The country as a whole is trying to rebuild.”

    Syvrud is only 22, but is currently serving his third tour in Iraq. He has been in cities where it was difficult to trust the citizens. But now he has seen a significant change in the war and in the people. He feels pride in his advisory role, knowing each day is bringing comfort to strangers he once felt uncomfortable around.

    “I’ve seen in the three times I’ve been here this country has done a complete 180. It’s gone from everyone not knowing what to do and being scared to do anything, to them starting to come out and finding out what a democratic society would be like,” he said. “Now, they are really trying to get involved. They are building their schools up, they’re building up the mosques, their homes. They’re trying to find jobs. It looks more and more like a typical American rural area. The majority of the people seem happy. They’re doing what they have to do to survive and building a life out of this.”

    Safety is what brings out the smiles and trust of the townspeople Syvrud said. The locals are involved with the Iraqi Army now. They help locate possible terrorists. They have begun to rebuild their community by fixing up schools, roads and mosques. The province is still early in reconstruction efforts, but the transition seems to be working as planned.

    Getting the soldiers to understand the benefits of civil engagements, such as the civil medical engagements, is a priority for MTT 13 team chief, Lt. Col. Thomas Hobbs. Transition teams have assisted in several CMEs, which provide medical care to people who would normally have to travel to Ramadi to see a doctor. With more than 16 years of experience in the Marine Corps, Hobbs said focusing on civil affairs can not only counter the insurgent’s propaganda, but win the hearts and minds of law-abiding citizens.

    “This battalion tends to be very focused on conventional operations. What I mean by that is in a counter-insurgency environment they are enamored with cache sweeps, security patrolling,” Hobbs said. “They should be focusing on civil affairs information operations and focusing on the population as a whole. The security level right now allows for that, so I’m trying to teach them to think in that manner.”

    Hobbs praised the Iraqi company commanders for understanding the impact civil affairs has on the war efforts. “They have been very willing to get out and meet the population and doing civil affairs projects on their own, even without money. We’ve been really successful in getting the companies to move and they’re actually initiating a lot of things I want to change or make better,” he said.

    Hobbs said the predominately Shiite Army has been received with open arms by the Anbari locals, who are mainly Sunni. A huge reason for this may lie in the idea of getting his team of advisors to stress the importance of making the population comfortable to Iraqi leaders. It is his philosophy that if the people are happy and satisfied with their life, then the terrorists will no longer have the ability to move freely within the community. He said the company and platoon leaders have begun to buy into the civil affairs mindset. As a result, the city has not seen any escalation in force in more than two months.

    The soldiers of 1-3-1 can fight, that has been proven during the past year and a half of combat operations. Hobbs said the battalion is known throughout the Iraqi Army for its ability to engage and defeat the enemy, and that is what the terrorists should realize. The mission now is to concentrate on keeping this rural area safe and prospering. The smiles on children are evidence enough that the plan is working.

    “I feel proud when I look around and see the kids and people smiling,” Syvrud said. “They’re happy when the Army and Marines come walking around, they aren’t afraid of us anymore. They’re happy with themselves, they’re happy with the environment around them and they’re striving to get better. They’re not just satisfied with things, they want it better, just like any American does.”

    Photo – Lt. Col. Thomas Hoobs, team chief for Military Transition Team 13, talks to members of the Iraqi Security Forces during an inspection of a local bridge. Keeping roadways safe and drivable not only helps navigation of anti-terrorist traffic, but is part of a wider ranging civil affairs mission of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Iraqi Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division.

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    This is an amazing achievement by the Iraqis, but it is good news so don’t expect it to be covered by the dinosaur media. There is an article written by Robert McFarlane over at the Free Republic. The title of this article is, “A Fatwa Against Violence–Top Sunni and Shia clerics look toward reconciliation.”

    This is a remarkable article about the Iraqi’s coming together against the terrorists. The Sheiks, the Clerics, and other religious figures who met in Cairo on the 24th of August will meet again in Dubai on Friday, August 31, 2007, if I remember correctly from Hugh Hewitt’s radio program. What I heard was fascinating.

    Imagine WWII and there was a country wrought with war. Also imagine that the German people were finally sick and tired of this little pipsqueak, so they had decided to overthrow the government. Would we have helped them? Remember, we had a different media back then. We were all in this together, and there was no mistaking that.

    This is HUGE! These religious people have decided to go to their followers, one of them has 20 million followers alone, and they are going to give the fatwa that states, “… end terrorist violence, and to disband militia activity in order to build a civilized country and work within the framework of law.” Do you realize what this means?

    When a Sheik or a Cleric makes a fatwa, it is considered law. The people must obey. This time, this fatwa, this means they and we are having much progress. For the first time in a long time, the Sunnis realize publically that there is room for them in this new government, and they want to participate. The Shia’s also want the violence ended. It is better to have a united Iraq than a divided one.

    Wait a minute…I thought I heard the media…nope. It was just a bug…

    Don’t forget to read these two articles as well:

    I listened to them and believe me, it is much more powerful when you actually hear him. He has that old cowboy back, and he isn’t playing around. It’s about time.

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  • Planck’s Constant: Let New Orleans sink into the Ocean.
  • Planck’s Constant: Moron Leona Helmsley leaves dog 12 million bucks.
  • Potbelly Stove: And, they criticize Iraq.
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    For those of you who do not who Michael Yon is, he is a citizen journalist who has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for most of the war with the only support coming from you and me. He is giving us the news that most ‘journalists’ are afraid to go forth and find the facts about their articles. Michael, on the other hand, goes right out there with the Marines, Soldiers, and whomever will have him.

    Here are some of his latest writings:

    Into the Sea.

    While we Sleep.

    The Ghosts of Anbar: Part 1 of 4.

    These are all must reads, so I cannot say which one to prefer. If I had to, however, I think it might be the last one (but certainly not the least one!). Please find his donations tab, and help him with whatever you can. He truly appreciates any amount you can spare. Like I said, he’s on his own (with us and for us). Thank you.

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    I have chosen this article as my Linkfest today because I really admire Michael Yon. I may not agree with him all the time, but hey? How boring that would be! lol.

    PS. If I’ve trackbacked to you and your name is not on here, that is because I went to your site and my name was not on your post. My apologies if I made a mistake. Please notify me, and I will correct it. Thank you.

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    CommonSenseAmerica: Attempted Kidnapping of a 5-Year-Old Texas Girl.
    Planck’s Constant: The AFLAC Scam.
    Webloggin: Craig Plays the Victim.

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