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Oh my, I have accumulated several videos that I want to share with you. I’ve been so busy still trying to move everything over here that they almost went by me unnoticed. Sorry about that guys. Here ya go:

Hamas Terrorist Tactics in the Gaza Strip. 4/24/09
Israel Air Force Ceremony – F-15 Jets over Auschwitz. 4/24/09

MachoSauceProduction. (ZoNation)
ZoNation: GET OUTTA THE WAY. 4/24/09
ZoNation Shoot Again! 4/24/09
ZoNation YES WE CAN!!! 4/24/09
ZoNation: Land of OZ. 5/2/09
ZoBama’s Under My Bus. 5/2/09
Shoot Again. 5/15/09
Get Outta the way. 5/15/09
Zonation RINO’s and Eggrolls. 5/15/09
ZoNation: Land of “Zo” spelled backwards. 5/22/09
Toilet Tutorial. 5/22/09

Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch on DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. 4/24/09
Tea Party Confidential. 4/24/09
CNBC Larry Kudlow ReasonTV Awesome April 14 2009. 4/24/09
Stalking Jefferson’s Moose: David Post’s New Book Might Just Blow Your Mind. 4/24/09
C-SPAN After Dark: Alcee Hastings’ Cher-Like Awards Show Acceptance Speech.
Obama’s French Toast: Just Say Non. 5/2/09
Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Prison For Legally Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary? 5/2/09
Barack Obama & the DC School Voucher Program. 5/8/09
Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California’s Budget Mess Means for America. 5/15/09
What We Saw at the DC School Voucher Rally. 5/15/09
All the President’s Newsmen. 5/22/09
Smiles Outlawed: DMV Makes Life Even More Miserable. 5/29/09
128 Days Later: It Can Always Get Worse. 5/29/09
Morticians Association of America Endorses President Obama’s Tough New Fuel Efficiency Standards. 5/29/09

Rush Limbaugh on the Obama/Chavez meeting. 4/24/09
John Ziegler Unfairly Arrested and Detained. 4/24/09
Proof CNN is biased against Tea Parties and Conservatives. 4/24/09
International Protests Over Economy. 5/2/09
Air Force One causes NYC terror scare. 5/2/09
Wanda Sykes hopes for Rush Limbaugh’s death while Obama laughs. 5/15/09
Obama Card Commercial. 5/22/09
Obama’s flip flop. 5/22/09

Error in the Qu’ran. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 5/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 4/5The Fruits of Evolution – Part 4/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 3/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 2/5. 5/2/09
God’s Message to You. 5/8/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 3/3. 5/22/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 2/3. 5/22/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 1/3. 5/22/09
Since33AD Update. 5/22/09
US Navy SEALs – Part 5/5. 5/29/09

Other Interesting Videos.
Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video: Development of the Unborn Baby. 5/22/09
Close air support ~ A-10 Warthog. 5/29/09
California DMV – Driving Tests # 8 Poor Scanning. 5/29/09
Lec 1 | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999. 5/29/09
How to Kill Terrorists. 5/29/09
John McCain: No, You Can’t. 5/29/09

Last, but certainly not least, I have a video from Jay over at Stop the ACLU. On it, CAIR is caught selling anti-Judea-Christian literature to a terrorist. Nice of our gov’t, wouldn’t ya say? I guess we’re paying them to kill us. This has to be stopped. You may find it here: CAIR Jihadist Supporters Caught Red Handed Selling Anti-Christian/Anti-Jewish Materials In Public Park. Get out of my country! Have a nice evening.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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It is with great sadness and anger that I report this story. In San Diego, California, Pastor David Jones and his wife were ordered not to conduct Bible Studies in their home with approximately 15 Church members through ‘a written warning that listed ‘unlawful use of land’ and told them to ‘stop religious assembly or apply for a major use permit’ — a process that could cost tens of thousands of dollars’.

Pardon me, but I believe the Amendment ! is a God-given right, not a government one. In this amendment it states, ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, OR THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEBLY TO ASSEMBLE; and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’

I believe just by typing Amendment I, I have made my case. Now show me where the government finds its rights, which it is granted only by us and we have not forfeited them, from this? Do they not understand what it means when it says YOU SHALL MAKE NO LAW? Ah, but you say that only applies to Congress, right? Wrong. Let me explain.

A city cannot make a law which contradicts the laws of the state, neither can the states make a law that is contrary to that of the federal government. This is one of the precious reasons we did not hand over all of the so-called rights this government seems to be able to find when they so desire, yet cannot read their own bills which they pass. We must stop this madness, and stop it now.

For this pastor and his family and for our very posterity, this cannot stand.

Here are some links to the story: Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies (with videos) Channel 10 News, UPDATE: Deadline set in banned Bible study case Demand letter warns of ‘irreparable’ harm from First Amendment violation World Net Daily and County puts kibosh on home Bible study One News Now.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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There used to be a time when unions were absolutely necessary. As of late, however, it appears employees have to fend for themselves between the company and their union bosses. Check this out.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ONTACT: Kelly Oliver (ext. 140) or Mary Beth Hutchins (ext. 105) at (703) 683-5004
May 29, 2009

Workers Suffer As Union Bosses Mismanage Dues And Finances

Washington, D.C. (May 28, 2009) – The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) today issued the following statement in response to news reports that the AFL-CIO has concealed the precarious state of its finances with “creative accounting.”

“Today’s news that union bosses have been cooking the books, and misusing and mishandling the hard-earned dollars of their workers is deeply disturbing, yet in no way surprising. This should serve as notice to those elected officials supporting the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act, a bill that rewards union bosses with unfettered and unlimited access to our nation’s small businesses,” said Katie Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute. “Why Congress would even consider providing Big Labor heads with access to more power and more money, while they prove to lack the integrity and honesty to manage the finances and retirements of their own members is beyond bewildering. We stand united and will not allow worker protections afforded in the secret ballot and right to vote on contracts to be traded away in an effort to provide political payback at the expense of America’s small business community.”

A bill to eliminate secret ballot election in the workplace is currently making its way through Congress. Something like this could never happen, right? Actually, it could. Under the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,” workers, in violation of our Democratic principles, would be denied their American right to a private ballot in union organizing elections in the workplace. Workers would be forced to publicly state their vote — for everyone to see. This is more appropriately called the FORCED CHOICE ACT and would fundamentally change the rights of employees in the workplace … it would force unions on them; force contracts on them and force payment of dues on them.

The Workforce Fairness Institute is an organization committed to educating voters, employers, employees and citizens about issues affecting the workplace. To learn more, please visit: www.WorkForceFairness.com.

To schedule an interview with a Workforce Fairness Institute representative, please contact Kelly Oliver (ext. 140) or Mary Beth Hutchins (ext. 105) at (703) 683-5004


“The AFL-CIO, the largest U.S. union organization, concealed deteriorating finances through ‘creative accounting,’ according to a union leader. Tom Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, said in a report that the labor federation obscured its financial difficulties heading into last year’s presidential election campaign, in which it backed Democrat Barack Obama. Net assets of the 11 million-member AFL-CIO declined to a negative $2.3 million as of June 30, 2008, from a $66 million surplus on July 1, 2000. ‘A new leadership — leaders chosen by our members, leaders help accountable by our members — is needed,’ wrote Buffenbarger, who is a member of the AFL-CIO’s finance committee and the president of one of the nation’s largest unions. Alison Omens, a spokeswoman for the AFL-CIO, declined to comment on the report.” (Holly Rosenkrantz, “Creative Accounting Masked AFL-CIO’s Finances, Official Says,” Bloomberg News, 5/29/09)

And these are the people who want to raise OUR taxes? Now we know why, eh?

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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by John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (May 29, 2009) – Footage of a controversial U.S. aerial bombing in Afghanistan this month shows the strike targeted Taliban militants, the commander of U.S. Central Command said Friday.

Army Gen. David H. Petraeus told National Public Radio that he recently watched a video recorded by an aerial bomber involved in the May 4 firefight in Farah province between a joint U.S.-Afghan force and Taliban insurgents. The battle resulted in the death of Afghan civilians — with U.S. estimates ranging from 20 to 30, but the Afghan government’s as high as 140.

“I was in Kabul the other night [and was] briefed by the brigadier general who I appointed to carry out an investigation of this particular incident, and there is indeed video from a B-1 bomber that very clearly shows bombs hitting individuals who are the Taliban who are reacting to the movements of the Afghan and coalition forces on the ground,” he said.

Petraeus said the video, which likely will be shown to the media at a later date, does not disprove that civilians were killed, nor did he dispute that they were. But the footage proves that the targets of the strikes were Taliban insurgents waging an ambush against the combined U.S.-Afghan force, he said.

“I think we agree, actually, that there were civilians killed in this incident along — again — with a substantial number of Taliban,” he said. “This is a very tough case, because this was a very significant ambush of an Afghan force that had our advisers with it, and it was in response to that force — literally rescuing that force at the request of Afghan political leaders as well as Afghan police and military leaders — that our forces then moved in a very tough fight and these bombs were dropped.”

Following the reports of high civilian casualties, Petraeus assigned a brigadier general to join Afghan counterparts in investigating the Farah province battle. Petraeus said he received a nearly three-hour briefing from the brigadier general and said the United States will apply “lessons learned” from the incident once they are fully understood.

Petraeus expressed concern about civilian causalities and described the tension between the need to protect the Afghan population but also to allow for coalition forces to use the capabilities — including air strikes — at their disposal.

“We are there to secure the people, to serve them; it’s a big challenge,” he said. “Indeed, we don’t want our forces going into combat with one hand tied behind their back, but we also cannot take actions that might produce tactical victories but undermine the efforts strategically.

“And that’s this tension, if you will, between, again, employing all the assets that we have, but making sure that we do it in a way that doesn’t undermine the overall effort — which is the result if, indeed there, [are] significant civilian casualties,” he added.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, speaking about the Farah battle earlier this month, expressed the need to continue reducing civilian casualties in Afghanistan. In a May 11 news conference at the Pentagon, he cited one measure of progress — a 40 percent drop since in the first few months of 2009 compared to a year earlier.

“There is a tremendous effort going on on our part to try and avoid civilian casualties,” he said.

Source: CENTCOM.

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Monday, May 25, 2009.
“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.”

–John Adams, letter to Benjamin Rush, April 18, 1808

Tue. 5/26/09.
“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

–George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

Wed. 5/27/09.
“The eyes of the world being thus on our Country, it is put the more on its good behavior, and under the greater obligation also, to do justice to the Tree of Liberty by an exhibition of the fine fruits we gather from it.”

–James Madison, letter to James Monroe, December 16, 1824

Thu. 5/28/09.
“It has long, however, been my opinion, and I have never shrunk from its expression … that the germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary; … working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped.”

–Thomas Jefferson, letter to Charles Hammond, August 18, 1821

He saw it coming, and no one listened.

Fri. 5/29/09.
“The Constitution … is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”

–Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge Spencer Roane, September 6, 1819

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by Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Doscher
386th Air Expeditionary Wing

CAMP BUCCA, Iraq (May 28, 2009) – Air Force Airman 1st Class Alberto Lopez knew the guy was hiding something. He could feel it. The detainee was giving off “the vibe” that three months of working the visitation center at the theater internment facility here had taught the airman to detect. The Altus, Okla., native continued to search in the efficient, humane and dignified way he was taught, waiting for the “tell” that would give away what the man was hiding and where.

CAMP BUCCA, UMM QASR, Iraq- A painting depicting partnership between the United States and Iraq sits outside the gate leading to the Bucca Enrichment School at Camp Bucca's theater internment facility. The school teaches detainees valuable argriculture skills, as well as affords them the chance to paint, draw and do carpentry work. Final products are displayed throughout the TIF and other military compounds, and are used by the detainees themselves for entertainment purposes.

CAMP BUCCA, UMM QASR, Iraq- A painting depicting partnership between the United States and Iraq sits outside the gate leading to the Bucca Enrichment School at Camp Bucca's theater internment facility. The school teaches detainees valuable argriculture skills, as well as affords them the chance to paint, draw and do carpentry work. Final products are displayed throughout the TIF and other military compounds, and are used by the detainees themselves for entertainment purposes.

The detainee glanced down at just the wrong moment, and Lopez had him. The find: a rolled up piece of paper with contact information. Contacts for whom, Lopez didn’t know, but they weren’t getting outside the gate that day.

The find was one of nearly 40 instances when Lopez discovered contraband in the course of a standard search of detainees going to see their families. “It makes me feel like I’m really doing something,” Lopez said. “Finding information, numbers, names, addresses, … you name it.”

Finding contraband, an almost daily occurrence, is one goal of airmen with the 887th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron strive for as they process more than 750 detainees a week during visitation hours. The airmen on visitation duty must walk a fine line, conducting their searches as efficiently as possible while respecting the dignity of those they search and protecting other detainees, visiting families, and their fellow airmen, soldiers and Iraqi correctional officials.

“I think everyone on our team has an efficient way of searching,” said Airman Randal Landers, an 887th ESFS guard. “So they’re not going to try slipping anything by anyone here. If they do, it gets found.”

Contraband — anything not issued to the detainees — can encompass a wide variety of items from the seemingly benign, such as letters, to the downright frightening, such as improvised weapons. The security forces airmen must constantly be on their toes and remain alert.

Despite the danger to the airmen or the risk of information getting into enemy hands, the visitation program is an important piece of the ongoing counterinsurgency operation as well as a right under the Geneva Convention. “We give [the detainees] the opportunity to meet their families,” said Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Tobin, 887th ESFS Visitation Flight chief. “It puts them at ease, shows them we hold true to what we said by treating them with dignity and respect.”

Originally from Norristown, Pa., but deployed from Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., Tobin said the security forces airmen are held to strict standards that allow them to search efficiently without risk of violating a detainee’s dignity and respect.

“The rules and guidelines are already set forth,” he said. “It’s not open to interpretation. As long as the guard force understands that, understands their role in it, there should be no issue in conducting the fair treatment that’s expected of us. It’s not a limiting factor to finding contraband. The contraband is there. We’re doing what we’re told, and the contraband is presenting itself rather easily.”

For the security teams, whether or not there should be visitation is obvious; it is a basic human right and legal obligation. And, the airmen note, it is a matter of human decency. “I know if I were detained, I’d want the right to visit my family and just see them for a couple of hours,” Landers said. “It’s just basic human treatment.”

Air Force Col. Alan Metzler, 586th Air Expeditionary Group commander, under which the 887th falls, highlighted the power of human decency in performing this mission. “Through these thousands of contacts with detainees and their families, we’ve learned one powerful, irrefutable fact: that our most important weapon in gaining their support for our strategic objectives in Iraq is our values as airmen and our values as Americans,” Metzler said.

As powerful as the weapon is, it doesn’t remove the constant threats the airmen face or eliminate another dangerous enemy – complacency. It’s an enemy they must face themselves. “It’s not a physically demanding job, but it’s a mentally demanding job in the sense that it’s repetitious,” Tobin said. “You have to stay motivated and understand what the goal is and the strategy behind all this.”

The best tools against complacency are motivation and teamwork, Tobin said. The airmen have to look out for one another and keep each other sharp…They have to maintain their focus and their teamwork,” he said. “Their best critics are their own peers.”

Air Force Airman 1st Class Raymond Garcia, an 887th ESFS guard, said the thought of the possible consequences and of harm that could befall their wingmen if they don’t remain sharp keeps complacency at bay.

“There’s been times when everybody gets the thought that, ‘Hey, it’s hot outside; I really don’t want to complete the whole search,’ and be lenient with them,'” Garcia said. “But then you have to remember that, what if that one time this individual happens to have a small, one-by-four inch shank hidden in his pants, and he comes out with it, and one of your friends gets hurt … because you wanted to hurry and get in the building where the air was?

“Everybody has thoughts of getting complacent,” he continued, “but me, personally, I get in there, and I do the mission the way I was taught to do it and make sure I do it right every time. That way, everybody can go home in one piece and get back safe.”

Lopez agreed. “I can’t get complacent, because I can’t let something get by,” he said. “We have to remind each other. Some of these detainees, we don’t know exactly what they’ve done, but we know they had to do something pretty bad to be in here. You can’t be all friendly or turn your back on them, because they can flip on us any second. I can’t get complacent.”

The risks don’t come without the promise of reward. Already, the efforts of the 887th are paying long-term dividends outside the visitation center and beyond Camp Bucca’s gates.

“The long-term aspect is that we’re influencing family members from all over Iraq,” Metzler said. “They can go back into their family units and say, ‘We trust the Americans. We have seen them and how they operate, and they treat us with respect.’ Because we treat everyone with dignity and respect, we have earned their respect as a result.”

It’s an effect every member of the visitation unit is aware of, said Air Force Staff Sgt. Keri Embry of Cross Plains, Tenn. The 887th ESFS member works with the visiting family members, processing them and even coordinating medical attention for those visitors who need it.

“It’s a good thing to maintain that humanity to show the people here that we’re not bad people, that we’re trying to help them as much as possible,” she said. “The Iraqis, as a whole, see that we do care what happens to them, that we’re not just here to find the bad guys. We’re trying to help the whole country get back on its feet.”

The impressions the guards make on detainees and family members can be lasting ones. Garcia said he sees signs of that trust every day.

“We have a really important mission here,” he said. “Not only are we working with the detainees, but we’re working with the kids too. So these kids grow up, and they remember how the airmen gave them snacks and interacted with them. A lot of the visitors will let them hold their kid when they cry, so it’s almost like we’re getting in there on a personal level. A lot of visitors will hopefully remember what we’re doing here and keep that in mind that a lot of us are really good.”

Metzler said each of his airmen is teaching these families what being an American means.

“They learn from our airmen,” he said. “Through the dignity and respect that we pay them, they learn about Americans. And the immediate effect is that they feel safety, security and trust. They tell us that. We see that.”

Source: CENTCOM.

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by Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (May 27, 2009) – Southern Iraq is “a much better place to live and raise a family than it was a year ago,” thanks to tremendous strides in security, governance, job opportunity and essential services, the commander of the 1st Cavalry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team said Wednesday.

Iraqi citizens gather in front of the historical Ziggurat of Ur during a turnover ceremony at Contingency Operating Base Adder in southern Iraq, May 13. The site is now officially controlled and guarded by the Dhi Qar police and managed by the Ministry Of Tourism.

Iraqi citizens gather in front of the historical Ziggurat of Ur during a turnover ceremony at Contingency Operating Base Adder in southern Iraq, May 13. The site is now officially controlled and guarded by the Dhi Qar police and managed by the Ministry Of Tourism.

Army Col. Philip Battaglia described two major lines of progress he’s seen since his “Long Knife Brigade” arrived at Multinational Division South last year: one focused on security and the other, on local government.

“The Iraqi security forces have developed into a professional, lethal force, capable of independently securing their citizens and its sovereign borders,” he said.

Battaglia noted the role these forces played during Iraq’s recent provincial elections, for which they took the security lead at a time of “increased vulnerability.” In addition, the Iraqis took security responsibility for the 5,000-year-old Ziggurat of Ur, an ancient national treasure that previously had been protected by coalition forces. Battaglia called the transfer a high point for him and his solders and a highlight of their deployment.

“I am extremely proud to personally witness this special event in honor of a site that is one of the oldest structures in the history of the world,” he said at last week’s ceremony marking the transfer. “We will always look back on our time here as a very special moment in the history of this great nation.”

The colonel said he knows the site is in good hands. “I have the utmost confidence in the leaders and the capabilities of the army, police and the border police agencies within my area of operation,” he said. “It has been my brigade’s pleasure to partner with these forces this past year, and I truly believe that they will continue to have tremendous success.”

Meanwhile, the Long Knife Brigade has worked hand in hand with the Iraqis to improve governance. This, he said, has improved local government’s capability to provide essential services and economic opportunities to their people.

Battalgia outlined projects the provincial reconstruction teams and his brigade civil affairs soldiers have helped the Iraqis advance to improve infrastructure, deliver services and create jobs.

“We have had an amazing year, and we are proud to have been part of all these recent successes,” he said.

With about one-third of the brigade returned to Fort Hood, Texas, and the remainder to redeploy next month, Battaglia said he feels “extremely optimistic about the future of Iraq.”

“Due to the tremendous efforts of the Iraqi people, the Iraqi security forces, … the provincial reconstruction teams and the coalition forces, the three provinces of southern Iraqi are much better and safer places,” he said.

Battaglia praised his soldiers for their hard work and dedication and thanked the families and friends at home who supported them during their deployment.

“It has truly been a team effort this past year,” he said. “Our families’ sacrifices have allowed us to focus on our mission and to return back to Fort Hood next month with pride in a job well done.”

Source: CENTCOM.

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