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I found out about this story a few days ago, but I had no way to help her. She is in need of instruction, proper clothing, etc., and the Council is upset with her for letting people know.

This is an article written by Mrs. Fayrouz. She is a lady that is offering knowledge about this situation along with a solution that was written on her site July 27, 2004, so make sure you scroll down to 7/27/04. I would pesonally like to thank her for her efforts and determination. It is quite impressive to see the goodness of heart that would come to the aid of another lady. I do not know much about the Middle East, but if most people resemble her, I believe the ME is very rich indeed. Many blessings will follow you, Mrs. Fayrouz. I pray that Ala’a Hikmat has all of her needs met, and that she surprises us all! Godspeed!


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The Democrat Party held their convention this week in MA. Many delegates, supporters, and family members attended. The theme: “Positive” and “Unity”. Sen. Kerry will deliver a message that is supposed be of hope, strategy, and a reason why we should support him rather than President Bush. Well, if the media would have covered the convention, we would have seen Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and a number of other “main stream” people. These people not only were not positive, they lied about our President. If this is what Sen. Kerry considers “main stream,” he is more out of touch with reality than we had originally believed.

To go back to the 2000 election and drag up the lies about how President Bush actually became President is absolutely divisive, inaccurate, mean-spirited, and demeaning. It was the Supreme Court of Florida who wanted to change the rules of the game after the game was over. Can you imagine if the ref.’s, after the Super Bowl, decided that a down was going to be 8 or 12 yards instead of 10, so they could favor the team they like? There would be absolute chaos and heads would roll!

That is what happened when the news called Florida for Gore one hour before the polls were closed. The panhandle didn’t bother voting, were they disenfranchised or do you care? All across the USA, the Florida effect had people closing up shop, people from the get out the vote effort went home, because we were told it was over. Did Gore get 1 million more votes in California? Yes, and that is why. When you tell people the new president 3 hours before the polls close, what do you expect? That is not the point, though.

The reason we have an electoral college is so that states with only one representative and 2 senators (all states only have 2 senators) can have a say in how this great country is governed. If we elected our president based soley on number of votes, period, these small states would never see a candidate, people would spend more time on the coasts, and the fly over states would be just that-flown over! That is not what the founding fathers had in mind, and they have done pretty well up to now.

Now that I have explained that stupid lie AGAIN, let it go…!!! Get over it! We are facing WWIV, and we must be united. United we stand, divided we fall…and we won’t get back up this time.

I understand there are some people who honestly disagree that war is ever the answer, but I respectfully disagree. There is a group known as ANSAR. Please stay away from this group, since they are backed by communist groups and jihadist groups.

Communism is an evil and torturous form of government that controls every movement of its enslaved people and determines for you what you will be, where you live, how much you earn, how much they will allow you to keep instead of your money being your money-because it belongs to the state, etc. You have no freedom under communism. Just ask some of our friends from Russia, Poland, Armenia, East Germany, etc., who managed to escape while Russia was still the USSR and they are now proud Americans.

I have now heard the Senator’s acceptance speech for nomination for candidate. Without going into too many details, it was not positive. He accused the President of taking our men to war without a reason-even though Sen. Kerry voted yes to the authorization to go to war with Iraq! He used President Reagan’s and President Bush’s lines in his speech, such as a shining hill (Reagan,) hope is on the way (help is on the way-Bush)and tries to claim them for himself! Does he believe we didn’t watch the last Republican Convention? They also used the usual “attack them for what you are doing, but they are not. This way you take the heat off yourself, and put it on them.”

This was done in an effort so no one will notice that 66% of Sen. Kerry’s ads are negative ads against President Bush, while only 33% of President Bush’s ads are negative! Come on, gents, it is an election year. If you can’t stand the heat-get out of the race.

The Democrats have been attacking President Bush, with the exception of about 2 weeks after the acts of war on NYC, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Please, give me a break. If only the Republican Party had a backbone,

I might not be so upset with them, but you Democrats seem to get away everything, and the press is complicit. Where is the outcry for the Sandy Berger investigation? Where is the outcry for the appellate court judges that have been nominated-some 3-4 years ago, but have not been allowed an up or down vote because the Republicans can’t get cloture (cloture=it is a Senate rule that says any controversial vote must have 60 votes to bring it to the floor of the Senate for a vote, but any 40 Senators can get together and stop the Senate from moving forward on any legislation it doesn’t like.

This tool has been and is being abused, since no judge has ever needed 60 votes to be confirmed. The Constitution requires a simple majority. The Democrats have also used this tool to block the Energy Bill, Tort Reform, Social Security Reform, etc.?) Hey, why don’t you take away the Democrats perks? They did it to you when Sen. Jeffords jumped ship!

You just don’t know how to fight back, and I am tired of hearing about a new tone. This is the tone, so deal with it! Well, please excuse me, but I had to get that off my chest.

Back to Sen. Kerry’s message, you can’t do anything because you’re too stupid. You need us to do everything for you. Elect me, and I will make all 283,000,000 of you happy, because you are too stupid to know that you are not happy now! No thanks. We won’t be fooled again.

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Today, July 26, the Iraqi football team walked away proud, as they won 2-1. I would continue the story, but today is Sunday, Aug. 1, 2004! While Iraq did win against Saudi Arabia, it gives me pain to let you know we lost to China on Friday, July 30. The pain doesn’t come from to whom we lost, but that we lost at all. I wanted so much for the Iraqis to have a win under their belt.

That brings me to the next subject: the Olympics! In just 11 days from now (on the 12th,) Iraq will be playing against Portugal at Pompeloponisiaka Stadium in Patra. Then Iraq will go to Athens to play at the Olympic Stadium on August 15 against Costa Rica at Karaiskaki Stadium. Finally, they will play Morocco on August 18 at Pampeloponisiaka Stadium in Patra. Let us keep praying for them to have a victory! Go Iraq, go! Olay!

I would like to give credit to Souran, who gave this information to Nabil on his blogs comments. Thank you both. Many blessings for your families and yourselves.

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In an exciting battle for a spot at the Asian Championship quarterlies (8 out of 16 teams, 4 games,) the Iraqi team won a 3-2 victory over Turkmenistan. Both teams played well. Iraq scored first, with Turkmenistan scoring soon afterward. Then Hawar Mulla Mohammed, of Iraq, kicked the ball to Ahmed Monajjed, but the ball hit the post and came back to Razan Farhan, of Iraq also, who, with stunning determination, using his head to punt the ball, he scored the second goal. Turkmenistan received a free kick for the second goal, but Iraq did not want a tie. They needed to win this game to make the quarters. The score was 2-2, with only 3 minutes to go when the final blow came. Hawar Mulla Mohommed kicked the ball to Nasha’at Akrram. After running down the field, Nasha’at kicked the ball backed to Hawar who fooled the other team by kicking the ball to Qusai Moneer who made the spectacular winning goal with an amazing head punt! There were no questions about who was going to walk away with this win. The goalie’s name is Bassim Abaas, and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) chosen was Razan Farhan. Well done men, and well done Iraq! We are all proud of you. We look forward to the game at Saudi Arabia Monday, July 26. You know you can beat them, so do we. Now, let’s let them know it, also!

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When Sen. Kerry was asked today whether or not he knew of Mr. Berger’s criminal investigation, he claimed to have no knowledge concerning that issue. That is all that was asked and said.

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Lost Secrets

Former National Security Adviser (NSA,) Sandy Berger, under Mr. Clinton from 1996-2001, has been under investigation by the FBI since October 2003. He has come forward and made the statement that he did indeed remove classified documents “accidentally,” it was a mistake and he is sorry. He also stated he had cleared all this up in October, and for anyone to think it was anything else, well, they are wrong.

According to my sources, in order to go into the secured area where he went, you cannot take anything inside with you and you cannot leave with anything. Not even a copy. It is a crime. There are people trained to guard classified documents that are stationed everywhere in the building, and there are no cameras (no pictures of classified information!) He apparently “misplaced” the documents in his “pants” and socks “accidentally.” This happened 5 times, of which we are aware, and approximately 90 pages of documents had been taken. During these “accidents,” the guards noticed missing documents, so they marked the ones they suspected were of interest to him. They were taken, also. Some of these documents have been “lost.”

Mr. Berger was acting as Sen. Kerry’s NSA, and he made many negative statements against President Bush, as did other supporters of Mr. Kerry. The news about the FBI investigation broke on Monday evening, and Sen. Kerry let him go Tuesday. Mr Clinton claims to have known about the investigation. It is not clear whether or not Sen. Kerry knew. Mr. Clinton testified before the 9/11 Commission, which is due to be released tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, 2004. The Democrat National Convention in Boston is also scheduled for July 26, 2004. Coincidence? Maybe.

Now, getting to the nitty gritty, what did Mr. Berger know? It is whispered that those documents were missing when President Bush took office, and they included the terrorism alert schedule for the millennium New Year’s Eve and computer count down to 1900! What did Mr. Berger take and why? He claims there were hand written notes on these documents. Did they include the offer of Osama bin Ladin by the Sudan? Why are they missing? We have heard he was sloppy from Mr. Clinton, et. al., who worked with him. Why was a sloppy lawyer hired to protect the national security of the United States? If he was sloppy, was this the first time national secret were “lost?” “Mistakenly” removed from the premises? Mr. Berger also testified before the Commission. Why was he allowed to testify while under criminal investigation? Was his “testimony” tainted? Was Mr. Clinton’s testimony tainted? Will there be a Congressional hearing? Has his top security clearance been revoked?

These questions need to be answered and soon. We cannot afford to leave the American people hanging, especially in these uncertain times of war. It is no longer play today, pay tomorrow. We’ve been there and done that. We ended up with September 11, 2001. Do you remember?

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Iraqi Football

On Monday, July 19, 2004, the new Iraq football team played extremely well against Uzbekistan, according to my sources. While they did lose 0-1, it was at the end of a hard fought game when the other team received a free kick. The new manager, Mr. Adnan Hamed, let 15 of the older players go while including some Olympic team players. Was this a good move? Let’s give them time before we make any judgements. Their next scheduled game is Thursday, July 22, 2004, against Turkmenistan. You may be able to watch this game on an Iraqi station named Iraqia.

Try to imagine how you would play at anything with the foreknowledge that no matter what you did, you would probably be tortured when you returned home? I am very proud of the Iraqi team, and I will be following them. It must be a liberating feeling to know that when you get back home to your loved ones, you are not going to be tortured for losing. No matter what, you are winners in my eyes!

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