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Since I last posted here, a lot has happened. I have a blog and and a website now concerning my jump into politics. I do use the blog more often, though. It is easier.

I have been so busy! Oh my. It is good work though. I enjoy it. Well, most of the time. I don’t enjoy getting lost on the bus. I’ll be on the radio today with Twana at Support Our Troops in Word and Deed. (On Blog Talk Radio.) The time depends on which time zone you are in, and I do not know their starting point.

For California, it will either be 4:30, 5:30, or 6:30 pm. On her site it says 7:30, but I have no idea as to which time zone, as I stated. Just go to her site and keep checking.

So how have you all been? You may not believe this, but I have more blogs now than when I started to transfer over to Rosemary’s Thoughts! I wanted to do that, if I remember correctly, so I could put all my writings in one site. Then came The Conservative Underground along with the Smart Girl Politics which is fabulous. Yes, we welcome men to join as well! 😉

Well, I must be running. It’s already after 5am! Have a very nice day.

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