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These numbers are important because you can still ask their DC office for their home district numbers to continue calling. If any of them happen to live near you, please make an appointment to speak with them. This is last time I will posting the whole post from Long Beach Patriots here. The URL for this particular post is Numbers, Names To Call. I will, however, let you know when I have posted something over there.

Which brings me to this. August 28, 2009, we will be going to Sacramento, California. If you would like more information about the charting of a bus, time, etc, please e-mail me. Thanks.

One of the co-organizers for the state of California has sent me a list of the so-called blue dogs. More like yellow dags if you ask me. Anyway, I have a list of them here. If they are in your district, please go to their office armed with questions. You may also attend townhalls. Here is the list:

Jason Altmire-PA ph: 202-225-2565, fx: 202-226-2274
John Barrow-GA p: (202) 225-2823 f: (202) 225-3377
Marion Berry-AR (202) 225-4076 (202) 225-5602 FAX
Dan Boren–OK (202) 225-2701 (202) 225-3038 fax
Bobby Bright-AL (202) 225-2901f. (202) 225-8913
Parker Griffith-AL Phone: (202) 225-4801 Fax: (202) 225-4392
S tephanie Herseth Sandlin-SD: 202.225.2801 • f: 202.225.5823
Glenn Nye-VA Telephone: (202) 225-4215 Email: info@glennnye.com. Fax: (757) 299-8017
Earl Pomeroy-ND ph: (202) 225-2611 Fax: (202) 226-0893
Nick Rahall-WV Ph-202) 225-3452
Christopher Carney-PA Phone: (202) 225-3731 Fax: (202) 225 9594
Travis Childers-MS p. (202) 225-4306f. (202) 225-3549
Kathy Dahlkemper-PA PH- (814) 456-0987
Larry Kissel-NC Phone: (202) 225-3715 Fax: (202) 225-4036
Jim Marshall-GA ph: 202/225-6531 Fax: 202/225-3013
Jim Matheson-UT Toll-Free Number 1 (877) 677-9743P hone – (202) 225-3011 Fax – (202) 225-5638
Mike McIntyre-NC PH-(910) 735-0610
Walt Minnick-ID Phone:208-906-0363 Email: info@waltforcongress.org.
Harry Mitchell-AZ Email: info@harrymitchellforcongress.com.
Gene Taylor-MS Phone: 202.225.5772 Fax: 202.225.7074
John Tanner-TN Phone:(202) 225-4714 Fax: (202) 225-1765
Charles Wilson-OH (202) 225-5705 fx: (202) 225-5907
Bart Gordon-TN Phone: (202) 225-4231 Fax: (202) 225-6887
Baron Hill-IN ph 202-225-5315, fax 202-226-6866
Jane Harman-CA Phone: (202) 225 8220 Fax: (202) 226 7290
Charlie Melacon-LA ph: (202) 225-4031 fx: (202) 226-3944
Mike Ross-AR ph (202) 225-3772, 1-800-223-2220, fax (202) 225-1314
Zack Space-OH ph: (202) 225-6265 fax: (202) 225-3394.

Keep calling everyday. Call other states. Make sure your voice is heard, because everyone else sure is doing so. Even the illegal aliens are included in this horrific bill! Yet people who waited who waited to come to this country the proper way are not included. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard they are excluded. That is outrageous. Keep up the good work Patriots! God bless you, and God Bless America.


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(This post was started on the 22nd.) Hello all. I am back, but I am going to be posting several (over 200) posts that I’ve been putting off because I was so busy with the Tea Parties. BTW, I have a conference call tonight, and there is an excellent program tonight at PJTV which is going to have doctors, experts, lawmakers, etc., on the show to explain what is happening and cut through the crap they call politics. It will be interactive, so give it a watch at PJTV Healthcare Forum @ 6pm EST Wednesday evening and 7pm EST. Do not mistaken believe that 7pm is the same as 6pm! It is not. Just a heads up. 😉

As I post the articles, I shall post their links here. I know it’s a long time ago to some of you younguns. *heh*

1. Gates: Success in Afghanistan depends on Pakistan’s efforts against Taliban. 5/14/09.
2. Baghdad maternity hospital back to full capacity. 5/14/09.
3. Afghan army 2 to 4 years from leading operations. 5/17/09.
4. Afghan commandos meet top ANA leaders. 5/18/09.
5. Petraeus applies Iraq lessons to Afghanistan. 4/28/09.
6. President encouraged by Afghan, Pakistani cooperation. 5/7/09.
7. America needs service, Petraeus tells VMI grads. 5/19/09.
8. US sends aid to displaced Pakistanis. 5/20/09.
9. CENTCOM commanders discuss regional security issues in Bahrain. 5/20/09.
10. Emergency Aid Reaches Pakistan Refugees. 5/21/09.

This will conclude the updates for this post. I’m going to start another one so as to keep up with the times. Have a very blessed day, and thank you for stopping by. Remember to keep our brave men and women in your prayers and do what you can to support them. If you need some help as to what you can do, please contact me.

Today, July 23, I received an e-mail with this song included. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are unable to see the video for whatever reason, you may watch it here.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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I am always moved when I hear his voice, probably because he speaks rationally, passionately, informatively, and plainly. Where have all the wise men gone? Congress chases them away! No good men or women want to go through the junk it takes to run for office let alone serve.

That being said, I want you to listen to this video. As you listen, really listen. Then I want you to ask yourself, “Do I have what it takes to be a good servant of the people?” Make up your mind soon, because time is running out. We need good men and women to throw these bums out!

If for some reason the video is not working properly, here is the YouTube link.

Hat tip: Adam’s Blog from Twitter. Have a nice day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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moan ow groan

i’ve been taken ill, so i won’t be writing too much. as u can tell, i haven’t been writing for the last few days. i have, however, been working on my tags. big now, i know. my head is killing me, and i can barely read. my stomach doesn’t feel that much better, and by bones are sore. aw, stop whining! 😉

just wanted to let u know i’m still here. have a great weekend, and i’ll try to write soon.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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by Pfc. Christina Sinders
Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

BAGHDAD (May 14, 2009) – For engineer Wathiq Abdul Jabbar, the May 9 ribbon-cutting ceremony that capped a $2.4 million renovation of the Alwaiya Maternity hospital here was especially meaningful.

“I feel like I helped rebuild my home,” he said. “I was born and raised just four kilometers from this hospital, so it is a special place for me.”

An Iraqi grandmother proudly shows off her new grandchild May 9 at the newly renovated Alwaiya Maternity Hospital in Baghdad...

An Iraqi grandmother proudly shows off her new grandchild May 9 at the newly renovated Alwaiya Maternity Hospital in Baghdad...

In 2004, the hospital had a capacity of only 37 beds. Equipment failures and structural damage caused rooms and buildings to remain unused for many years. But that has all changed. The extensive makeover, which Abdul Jabbar described as a “skin off, skin on” renovation, brought the hospital’s capability back to 344 beds.

Abdul Jabbar, chairman of The Muhandis Inbbar Group, directed the project and spoke at the ceremony to officially open the hospital.

“I want to thank the American taxpayer for the help and assistance in making this renovation possible,” he said.

In his remarks, Abdul Jabbar acknowledged the expertise and support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division in the difficult construction process of a turbulent Baghdad city center. With better security, he said, more projects and improvements in his home area are possible.

Dr. Intisar Hassan al-Tuijari, hospital director, and Dr. Muhammad, a Rusafa-area city councilman, were among the key people who attended the event. Others included Karoly Okolicsanyi, the provincial reconstruction team representative for the U.S. Agency for International Development, hospital staff, Iraqi government officials, representatives from the USACE Gulf Region Central district, and Army Col. Tim McGuire, maneuver area commander of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

During his remarks, McGuire echoed Abdul Jabbar’s comments.

“I congratulate the people of Iraq on the refurbished hospital,” he said. “We are honored to be here and celebrate with you. This is a sign of the friendship of the American people with the Iraqi people, and we look forward to a long-term partnership, ensuring a bright future for the children of Iraq.”

The Alwaiya complex consists of 10 buildings, and it includes operating rooms and theaters, delivery rooms, patient wards and a section for premature infants. The hospital also has an external clinic, pharmacy, emergency rooms, prenatal health center and nursery. Alwaiya serves more than a million women on the east side of the Tigris River.

The scope of work for repairs and renovations expanded the hospital to a 344-bed facility while maintaining full services throughout the project. Renovation work included the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, boilers, electrical, structural, fire alarms, a nurse call system, a data communication network, a TV system and elevators.

Army Capt. Sean Heenan of Gulf Region Central acknowledged the team that was part of the hospital renovation.

“I was fortunate to be here and see this great project across the finish line,” he said. “So many people contributed to the success, but ultimately, the only thing worth remembering is the help this hospital provides the mothers of the Rusafa area of Baghdad.”

Abdul Jabbar credited hospital director Tuijari with keeping the hospital going in spite of the challenges.

“She was available day and night,” Abdul Jabbar said. “I often had to call her at odd hours, even late at night, and she was very helpful every time.”

The officer in charge of GRC’s International Zone Resident Office, Army Capt. Chad Wendolek, put the ceremony in perspective.

“A ribbon cutting is just a small expression of the dedication and hard work all the team members from the IZ Resident Office and central district put into this project,” he said. “I hope the Iraqi mothers and the children born here, cared for here, are told of the personal sacrifice many U.S. citizens made to help their nation and provide a future for generations to come.”

As Iraq strives to build a secure, stable and self-governing nation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division has completed hundreds of projects in the building, health and education sector. GRD projects have increased Iraq’s annual capacity to treat patients to about 6.6 million patients in hospitals and 4.6 million outpatients at the primary health care centers. Since 2004, USACE has completed 44 hospital renovation projects throughout Iraq, and currently has eight ongoing.

An Iraqi grandmother proudly shows off her new grandchild May 9 at the newly renovated Alwaiya Maternity Hospital in Baghdad...

Source: CENTCOM.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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by 1st Lt. Lory Stevens
Task Force Warrior

KAPISA PROVINCE, Afghanistan (April 14, 2009) – U.S. forces participated with French and Afghan forces recently in three days of humanitarian missions to bring medical treatment and necessary supplies to residents of isolated villages here.

The Alasay District Clinic in Kapisa treated more than 670 patients April 5-6 with the assistance of multinational doctors, surgeons and medical teams.

The two-day medical outreach brought together Task Force Warrior, along with the Kapisa and Parwan provincial reconstruction teams, and Afghan and French soldiers to provide medical care to the isolated population.

More than 120 Afghan women were seen at a separate facility in the village by female health care workers from the French team. Illnesses ranged from colds and pneumonia to lacerations, hypertension and malnourishment.

“Afghans presented [us] with various medical problems, such as gastritis, asthma, eczema and other types of skin disorders, musculoskeletal pain, and dental problems,” said Army Sgt. 1st Class Donray David, who serves with the Task Force Warrior surgeon group.

One local elder, who is about 70 years old, arrived with a cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit. Army Capt. (Dr.) William Barker, command surgeon with the task force, arranged for the man to be seen at the Egyptian hospital at Bagram Airfield, and coalition forces paid for his cab fare to get there, David said.

Air Force 1st Lt. Jon Farley, a PRT medical officer, said he was so impressed with the performance of Afghan doctor Mohammed Samir that he recommended Samir be admitted to a physician mentorship training program to expand his capabilities and enhance duty performance within the Afghan army.

“He was quite competent and capable, and expressed interest in attending training opportunities at Craig Joint Theater Hospital on [Bagram Airfield],” Farley said.

On April 4, Task Force Warrior and French forces supported the Afghan National Army during a mission to supply food, blankets and school supplies to Alasay district’s Sultan Khiel village. School supplies were distributed to 250 boys and food and blankets to the adults.

“Like most occasions when we show up, the people and children immediately started coming out of the woodwork to our location,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Todd Davis, Kapisa and Parwan PRT engineer.

Flour, beans, rice, and blankets were given to families who lined up during the event. NATO International Security Assistance Force backpacks, chalk boards and other school supplies were distributed to the children.

“Our recent joint operations in support of the ANA to clear and hold the Alasay District Center are having positive results for the people of Alasay,” said Army Col. Stephen Jeselink, Task Force Warrior deputy commander, referring to improvements in security and connecting the people of Alasay to their government and resources.

A boy waits to be seen at the Alasay District Center during a two-day village medical outreach by local providers and medical personnel from Task Force Warrior in Afghanistan’s Kapisa province.

Source: CENTCOM.

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February 19, 2009
Release Number 20091902-01

KABUL, Afghanistan – Opportunities for better health care continue to grow for Afghans with the assistance of the United States, Republic of Korea and Egyptian medical personnel through the International Medical Mentorship Training and Internship Program.

The Alliance nations strive to enhance the Afghan Ministry of Public Health’s goals of establishing their own health care system and have developed two programs to aid Afghanistan in seeing a dream become reality.

“The goal is to give students an opportunity to see all the factors that it takes to manage an effective hospital,” added Army Maj. Maureen Nolen, coordinator for a two-week Medical Mentorship Program. “We work with and build on the education and training in the various ANA and ANP facilities.”

While initially, the two-week class was targeted specifically to the Afghan National Army to provide them with the skills needed to manage a medical facility, now it has grown to include the Afghan National Police, National Development Strategy health care providers and civilian doctors from district hospitals.

In July 2007, the program hit the ground running with a two-week residency course. Then, a little over a year later, the program expanded by adding a three month course when they realized there was a need to include more civilian health care providers.

The three-month instruction was created for Afghan civilian doctors and experienced health care personnel. The curriculum requires students to attend the course twice a week for three months. During this time, they participate in lectures at Craig Joint Military Hospital at Bagram and then are given opportunities to implement their training by treating local nationals at the Korean and Egyptian hospitals on base.

Egyptian Col. H.E. Salem, who also serves as a pediatrician, works diligently with the interns to ensure their level of care also targets the young people within the community.

“We are enthusiastic about working with the Afghan doctors,” said Salem, the chief physician at the Egyptian hospital.

At the Korean hospital, the interns are introduced to evidence-based medicine and how to properly treat communicative and non-communicative diseases in addition to common illnesses. “We expect through this program that the interns will become aware of their public health care programs,” said Dr. Seup Park, the medical director at the Korean hospital.

So far, the internship program has trained and graduated more than 100 Afghan practitioners, including three females. Air Force Lt. Col. Montserrat Edie-Korleski, who oversees a three month program, was quick to point out the importance of female graduates and how their success makes an impact on the program and within the local community.

“We’re planting the seed that gender shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to being a health care provider,” Nolen added. “Women are a key element in the health of the nation,” Edie-Korleski said. “We would like to see more female recruits.”

As the program continues to grow, one constant remains for this group of professionals working to improve the medical care in this country: teamwork.

“It’s a great working relationship,” Edie-Korleski said. “The Koreans have a fabulous system already developed and working for them. The Egyptians have a great doctor staff who are also very capable. We learn from them, and they learn from us.”

Word continues to spread about the success of the program, and classes are filled through 2009. Local nationals are encouraged to contact their Ministry of Public Health and Provincial Reconstruction Teams to enroll and receive more information about the internships. “Someone, somewhere always wants to hear about our program,” Edie-Korleski added. “Health care providers from all over BAF are expressing interest in lecturing and training.”

A plan is in place for the internships to include more options in the near future. By the end of March, Afghan practitioners from Kabul are scheduled to begin a new veterinary program offered at Craig Joint Military Hospital. The continuing interest and commitment of the Afghans have been a huge boost to the ongoing success of their mission, said Edie-Korleski.

“The purpose of the program is to train Afghan health care providers in the health care arena, so they can take what they learn and develop their own health care system,” she said. “It’s been amazing the positive responses we’ve gotten.”


United States Forces Afghanistan’s mission, in coordination with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, is to conduct operations to defeat terrorist networks and insurgents by developing effective governance and building the Afghan National Security Force. Effective security throughout the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan facilitates continued regional stability and increases economic development for the people of Afghanistan.

Contact Information – US Forces Afghanistan Public Affairs Office

Tel +93 (0) 799 51 2919 or cell phone 93 (0) 707 355 965

USFOR A Media Relations. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Picture 1: BAGRAM, Afghanistan – An Afghan citizen holds his daughter after receiving treatment at the Egyptian Field Hospital. The Egyptian Field Hospital has an open clinic for Afghan citizens to receive free medical care.

Picture 2: BAGRAM, Afghanistan – Egyptian Col. Ehab Foad, an ophthalmology consultant, checks a patient’s eye for cataracts and other abnormalities at the Egyptian Field Hospital. The Egyptian Field Hospital offers medical services for Afghan citizens.

Source: CENTCOM.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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