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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

–Declaration of Independence

It’s awfully hard to enjoy the other rights when the people have decided (by judicial fiat and constitutional ignorance) to allow the right to life be perverted by the public in their policies. These are not man (OR WOMAN) given rights, therefore governments nor people may vote them out of existence. WAKE UP! We have been committing genocide against our children for too long. How long will this go on? Until the people rise up and revolt against this injustice. Which side of this war will you be on?

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Did the UN really call for the genocide of all Jews, especially those living in Israel? Not actually, but they may as well have. I have signed the petition, which will be available also for you to sign, stating that I support Israel in this issue. No people should have the right to outright murder another for the sole purpose that they are Jewish. This is against everything that is Holy, Humanitarian, and murder is just plain wrong.

John Dugard – UN Special Rapporteur

A recent UN report to the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/7/17) by UN Special Rapporteur John Dugard disregards international legal standards against terrorism and excuses the killing of innocents. We, the undersigned, urge the United Nations to reject categorically this attack on the standards of human decency at the heart of the UN’s origins.


Terrorism is the targeted killing of innocents to intimidate a population or compel a government to act in a particular way. This definition reflects an international legal consensus, but UN Rapporteur Dugard disagrees.

UN Rapporteur Dugard claims “a distinction must be drawn between acts of mindless terror…and acts committed in the course of a war of national liberation.” He then categorizes the acts perpetrated upon Israeli civilians by Palestinians acting “against occupation” as the second kind of terror.

No terror is “mindless” in the sense of being politically unmotivated by a sense of grievance, however misconceived the grievance may be.

UN Rapporteur Dugard seeks historical support for his position: “History is replete with examples of military occupation that have been resisted by violence – acts of terror”, analogizing the Israeli occupation resisted by Palestinian terror to “the German occupation resisted by European countries in the Second World War.”

Not every act of violence is an act of terror. Comparing the murderers of Israeli civilians to the liberators of Nazi Germany (and thus the Nazis’ victims to the Nazis themselves), is a slander against the Jewish state. In fact, the European Union includes in its working definition of anti-semitism “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.”

UN Rapporteur Dugard argues that Palestinian terror “must be understood as being a[n] inevitable consequence of occupation” and that “Until this is done [occupation is ended] violence will continue.”

Inevitability absolves Palestinian terrorists from moral responsibility for their murderous acts.

So I suppose this means that if the UN building gets blown up by al Qaida, it’s okay? Is that what he’s really saying? What if it is blown up by some people who are just sick and tired of the UN ‘occupying’ USA soil and destroying our environment? Would that be okay with him? See, his reasoning falls short when applied to himself and his life. HYPOCRITE!

It alleges they have no choice but to kill Israelis – whether blowing up men, women and children in restaurants or on buses on the way to school or at synagogue, work or play.

UN Rapporteur Dugard maintains the only proper course of action to end Palestinian terror is to meet its perpetrators’ demands.

(Not on YOUR life.)

By implication, these demands are reasonable. But Palestinian terror groups have declared that they will not end their terror campaign until Israel as a Jewish state ceases to exist. And yet according to Dugard there is no point in time at which Palestinian terror becomes “mindless.”

WHAT? So we should bend over and kiss our arses good-bye, because that is what al Qaida desires? This ‘man’ is SICK!

The words of UN Rapporteur John Dugard serve to incite terror – an egregious violation of human rights – against Jewish men, women and children living in the Jewish homeland. They therefore stand in direct contradiction to the principles and purposes of the UN Charter. We call upon the United Nations to withdraw this discreditable report from circulation as an official UN document and to reject it as a statement of UN policy.

© Eli E. Hertz

If I were not so angry about this, I would be in tears with the knowledge that the very organization that deemed Israel a country for the Jewish people is now calling for it’s destruction by omitting Israel’s Human Rights. Why do they have none? THAT IS NOT THE G-D I KNOW!

Here is the link for the petition. Please join me in telling the UN that this is unacceptable. Thank you.

The truth may not always win, but it is always right.”

See also: Atlas Shruggs: UN SEEKS TO “REDEFINE TERROR”

This is definitely an open post. All I ask is that you add my post (permalink) to your site, then trackback to me. This news is absolutely outrageous, and we must spread the word. Thank you. Be sure to stop over at Linkfest, and see who else has an open trackback post. It is a very good place to join to bring up your readership and meet more friends. Have a blessed day.

As I was visiting the sites I have trackbacked to in the post right below this one, I came across David’s (third world county). He has this great post, and I couldn’t help myself. Thank you, David. 😉

Now try that on for size, UN. Ah, forget them. They’re too far gone or they’re one of them. For those who disagree with this, TOUGH. I do not wish to hear what you have to say at this time. I’m very angry right now, and I will possibly ban you from this site. Probably not, but possibly. Just leave your lies to yourself…for once.

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I found this article to be so dishearening. If this were Israel trying to build one home on THEIR own land, there would be a world-wide outcry. So why is everyone silent when the Arabs, by invitation from Bashir, are moving into the land that belongs to Darfurian refugees? You may read about it in The Independent on Sunday.

I am at the point where I can no longer just write and call about this situation. I am going to call the UN and find out just who is in charge of Darfur over there. I will be polite. I will be firm. I will demand that these people are arrested, along with Bashir, for the theft of property.

Will I get very far? Who knows? I have been known to be very persuasive. Still, we are dealing with terrorists in the UN on OUR land. If this fails, if they keep diddling around in Congress, I just may reconsider the reasons why I dropped out of the race for Congress in the first place…
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Please listen to this video. It says in a few seconds what I have been saying for years. There is only one difference. I am not asking you for anything other than a phone call (Toll free: 866-340-9281). I will never ask you for a dime or a penny. They do not ask for any money in this video for which I am grateful. However, when you go to their site, they will.

They do not have a bad site. You should visit it just to educate yourself. BTW, it has been 400,000 killed for a couple of years now. Do ya think the number ought to be higher? I do.

The Darfurians have no voice other than yours. Please consider abolishing slavery and Jihadist genocide. If you have any question, please contact me. I will gladly answer any questions to the best of my ability. Thank you for your time to read this. It would mean a lot more to me if you would raise your voice…politely! 🙂
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Source: CNN.

It is about time someone else besides President Bush started pushing Bashir in Sudan and the EU to allow the AU-UN peacekeepers to take control. If something doesn’t happen soon, we will have another Rwanda, if we don’t already. Boy, I’ll bet the Left would be just thrilled with that. They could blame Bush for it! Ah, but where are THEY? [Hello? Hello? (Kennedy on the Senate floor.)]

PARIS, France (AP) — French President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed fast international action toward speeding up deployment of troops in Darfur, as key world players met Monday to try to consolidate efforts and resources for the ravaged Sudanese region.

Sudan was not invited to the one-day Paris conference, organized by a new French government that has made the four-year conflict in Darfur a top priority. The meetings come after Sudan agreed — under international pressure — to allow the deployment of a joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force in the region. [Continue reading.]

I shall be praying for the people in Darfur. I hope whoever reads this, if you still that you are not the be all to end all, would pray with me for these people. I will also be praying that the al Qaida will be found and killed! Have a great day.

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Posted first at Causes of Interest.

Coalition for International Justice has released their report about the deaths that are occurring in Darfur. This survey includes not just the deaths from violence, but also the deaths from starvation, exposure, and disease.

Hagan and his colleague University of Toronto researcher Patricia Parker reviewed data culled from 1,136 interviews of refugees from Darfur conducted by the Coalition for International Justice last summer, as well as data presented in the World Health Organization’s survey of deaths in refugee camps last year. Based on their analysis of the combined data, they estimate that the number of persons who have died or disappeared between February 2003 to April 2005 is close to 400,000.

I recall it being said that one death is a tragedy, 400,000 deaths is a statistic. I do not agree with this assumption. Each of these people had dreams and hopes, just as you have. Maybe their’s were not as luxurious, but they were still worth our consideration and care. They still deserved to live, and all we are doing is nothing.

Don’t explain to me how hard it is to save the world. I am well aware of that. What is the cost to you to pick up the phone and make a toll free number to the Congress and Senate? Hmm? (877 866) 762-8762 340-9281. Let them know that is not okay to declare genocide, and then do nothing. We said never again. Did we mean it? Well? Did we?

Hat tip: Coalition for International Justice.

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This is from a site I no longer have. Sorry. 🙂

The UN talks, the USA declares, the African Union watches, and the people of Darfur, Sudan die. Have we not had enough yet? Are we too busy? Is their skin color too dark? You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

How long? How many talks? Are you aware that over 400,000 people have perished while we sit around talking? That is one half the number of the people lost in Rwanda, and we said it would never happen again.

I seem to remember another time when we said, “Never again.” We just honored the people who FOUGHT that war 60 years ago. Some never made it home. We knew from the beginning some would not. It is a very hard thing, but the fascists and genocide had to be stopped. (I understand that noone knew, at least to what extent, the genocide had occured.)

The horror is great, I still cannot look directly at it. The evil, I am afraid of it. It haunts me. Does it have no effect on you? Are you satisfied with your life to the point that you don’t care about anyone else?

Okay. That is your choice, but do not get in my way as I beg President Bush to go in there and put a stop to this with our Military. I do not want to hear a peep out of you against me. Your silence, now, is deafening as it is.

I have written, I have called, and I happen to know that Senator Brownback has been working on a bill to help those in Darfur, Sudan. He needs our support. This is not a partisan issue. People, innocent men, women, and children, are dying because they are black, they are Christian, they are not the right Muslim, and just because. It has to stop. Now.

I will post more information on the bill so you can pressure your Senators and Congressperson. I am waiting for a call back as I type. I just feel very strongly about this. We can do this if we stick together.

Maybe if I describe to you what they do… Are you aware they are enslaving black Africans? They mutilate the young girls private area without anastesia. They rape, kidnap, pillage, murder, beat, torture, and this is all for fun? They are beyond sick.

It has been allowed to rise in April. This is why I am so angry. I can only pray that enough of you will see the truth about what is happening, and join me. Please read this article. Thank you.

Hat tip: Passion of the Present, (Darfur).

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