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Yes. We must gather whatever strength we have left and keep bloggin’ on, so here I am. I’m sitting here at my computer with over 38 emails that I still have to read and consider posting. Oh, the pain of it all! lol.

Truth is, I haven’t got a darn thing to say. What? The Left wants us to lose the war and become marxists, the rupukians don’t have a candidate, the Middle East is on fire with many may or may not turn into fires, we shouldn’t leave so we can be there when that time comes, the crazies want us out because they’re tired of the war (could someone please tell me why? they haven’t done a damn thing to help the cause!), China, Zimbabwe, Burma, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Cuba, and many other countries have real prroblems, and all I get to hear on the Sunday shows is a crock of crap! Damn it, people are being murdered. Doesn’t anyone care?

Well I know our Soldiers, Marines, Seamen, and the such care. They’re the only ones making sacrifices while we sit here grumbling. Their families as well. So frankly, I’d appreciate it if you could take at least one minute out of your oh so important day and pray for them and their success. Thank you.

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