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I have had to change all the links to the best of my ability, because this Daily Briefing on Iran is no longer available.

Wednesday’s Daily Briefing on Iran.

Sen. Tom Coburn: Voice of America Harming U.S. Interests in Iran.
Kenneth R. Timmerman, News Max reported on a pair of bombshell reports on U.S. government broadcasting to Iran. Sen. Tom Coburn wrote to President George W. Bush that the broadcasts “undermine U.S. policy on Iran, often even supporting the propaganda of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” A must read.

Iran seen as key to untangling Iraq.
The Los Angeles Times reported that while Iranians say their image of an ideal settlement in Iraq looks remarkably like America’s, the difference is Iran doesn’t want to see the U.S. claim victory.

Anti-American Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Flees Iraq for Iran.
FoxNews reported that Muqtada al-Sadr has fled his Baghdad stronghold for the friendly confines of Iran’s capital.

Iraq to close borders with Iran, Syria.
Washington Times reported that Iraq will close its borders with Syria and Iran and announced other measures.

Anxiety Grows on Iran’s Eastern Borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The Globe and Mail reported that you can smell the tension along the Iranian border. A thick stench of rotting fruit and vegetables hangs over market stalls in the border town of Taftan , near the three-way juncture of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Bahrain Cracks Down on Iran Agents Buying Land.
World Tribune.com reported that Bahrain has launched an effort to block an Iranian takeover of the Gulf Arab kingdom.

West Adds to Strains on Iran’s Lifeline.
The New York Times reported that Western political and economic pressure on Iran over its nuclear program has chilled foreign investment to the extent that it is now squeezing the country’s long-fragile energy industry, adding strains to a government that is burdened by sanctions and wary of unrest at home.

Here are four news items you may have missed.
The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial, argued that despite detailed evidence that Iranian-supplied weapons are killing American soldiers in Iraq, a large part of Washington will pretend the evidence doesn’t exist, or suggest the intelligence isn’t proven, or claim that it’s all the Bush Administration’s fault for “bullying” Iran.
Anshel Pfeffer, The Jerusalem Post argued that while the North Korean regime may dismantle its nuclear program, it has to be clear that such a solution won’t cut it with Iran. Here are ten reasons why.

Michael Ledeen, The National Review reported that Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad are posturing to succeed an ailing Khamenei.
The Jerusalem Post has an article about the Financial Times who published the full text of an internal European Union document on Iran reveals that officials from the bloc are pessimistic about the chances of stopping Iran from getting enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb. (Sorry, but I could not find the article by the Financial Times.)

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