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It is time for more news. These links go to posts I have already posted for the sources identified at the bottom of each topic. Enjoy.

Military News.
1, McChrystal assumes command in Afghaistan, 6/15/09.
2. Taliban increasingly targets civilians in eastern Afghanistan, 6/2/09.

1. Iranians Betrayed by Obama Administration, 6/16/09.

There’s only three posts for this one. That’s because my computer keeps crashing on me. Truth is I probably need a hew one. Well, I hope you read these and enjoy them or are as disgusted as I am. Either way, I must start a new post. Have a blessed day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Hi. I have been busy, but you may have missed it. That is because I have been posting articles I still have from May and June. I haven’t gotten to July yet. The Tea Parties took a lot of time and effort away from my posting. I finally started a new blog just for that over at Long Beach Patriots. If you are interested in those, you will find information there.

Now for the news.

1. Brigade leaving southern Iraq a ‘much better place’, 5/27/09.
2. Airmen stress dignity, humanity for detainees, 5/28/09.
3. US troops preparing to leave Iraqi cities, 6/1/09.
4. News: Michael Yon, 6/4/09.
5. Success in Afghanistan, Pakistan requires knowledge of region, 6/5/09.

6. Children used to carry out attacks, 6/6/09.
7. Report points to irregularities in Farah air strike incident, 6/8/09.
8. Romanian forces end mission in Iraq, 6/9/09.
9. RC South commander briefs Gates on way forward in Afghanistan, 6/10/09.
10. Petraeus praises Pakistani operations against insurgents, 6/11/09.

11. Afghan tribes find common ground during humanitarian aid drop, 6/12/09.

Now for some videos.

Videos: Reason Magazine, 6/13/09. There is also a great song that should lift your spirits, even you disagreed with his domestic policies (as I do).

How could I not end this without making us mindful of the present? We shall always be grateful to President Ronald Reagan and his words against government healthcare.

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Please find below a collection of news articles I am finally getting around to posting. As they are posted, their URL shall be posted here. I hope you will enjoy some of them. Have a good day.

Radio Free Asia.
1. China: Protests? What Protests? 6/2/09.

1. Brigade leaving southern Iraq a ‘much better place’.
2. Airmen stress dignity, humane treatment for detainees. 5/28/09.
3. Petraeus: Video shows airstrikes aimed at Taliban targets. 5/29/09.
4, U.S. troops preparing to leave Iraqi cities. 6/1/09.

Michael Yon Reports From:
1. Philippines: This Mornings Photos. 6/5/09.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009, Lebanon held their elections and the March 14th ticket gained seats in the Parliament for which they are in the majority. The Daily Star has two articles (more actually, but I am going to post one and discuss the other).

How many people knew there was even an election? Oh, I forgot. It’s the economy stupid. NOT. This is very important. We are still trying to find the guilty parties behind the assassination of former PM Hariri, Hizbullah is still refusing to give up their war guns, Syria is still messing with Lebanon’s affairs, and it is a struggle between those who desire to get on with their freedom and those who desire to take it from them. So this is a very important election.

Let me first explain how the parliament is set up so you will understand the election.

There are 128 seats in Parliament which are divided evenly between Christians and Muslims. One has to be 25 years old to run for office. They are elected to serve a term of four years. For the Muslims, 27 seats go to Sunnis, 27 seats go to Shiites, 8 go to Druze, and 2 go to Alawites. 34 go to the Maronites, 14 to the Greek Orthodox, eight to the Greek Catholics, five to the Armenian Orthodox, one to the Armenian Catholics, one to Evangelicals and one to minority sects. The speaker of the house is always a Shiite.

While we have an electoral college, they have 26 electoral districts. Voter eligibility for this election was 21 years old. However service members were not allowed to participate in the election. If that happened here, I’d be having a protest from now until the day I died, but I do not know the reasoning behind this. Could it be that Hizbullah has infiltrated the military? I don’t know.

These are the conditions for this election. There were 587 candidates, voting started at 7 am and lasted until 7 pm, there were 5,200 voting stations, and after voting they had to dip their finger in ink to prove they voted and so they could not vote again (we should do this!).

Now we know some of the basics, let’s discuss what happened.

Hat tip: This information came from The Daily Star: Key facts about Lebanon’s 2009 elections.

Major challenges await newly elected parliament.
Monday, June 08, 2009

Listen to the Article.

BEIRUT: Lebanese headed to the polls Sunday in crucial parliamentary elections that will determine the country’s future for the next four years. Here are some of the challenges facing the 2009 Parliament:

The role of Hizbullah’s resistance army is a major bone of contention. March 14 leaders call for a state monopoly on arms, a demand echoed by UN Security Council resolutions. But Hizbullah has sworn to keep the weapons it says are vital to defend Lebanon from Israel.

Pulling Lebanon from Syria’s orbit has been at the heart of March 14’s agenda since the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, while many March 8 leaders maintain very close ties to Damascus.

Syria still faces calls from March 14 and the United Nations to demarcate its border with Lebanon. March 14 leaders also accuse Syria of arming Palestinian groups based in Lebanon.


Establishing an international tribunal to try suspects in Hariri’s killing was a key goal of anti-Syrian politicians, who blamed Damascus for the killing. The issue aggravated political conflict with Syrias allies in Lebanon.

Plans for the court were never approved by the Lebanese parliament or president. The Security Council voted in May 2007 to set up the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and it began work in March at The Hague. Hizbullah again questioned the neutrality of an international inquiry into the assassination after the tribunal ordered the release of four pro-Syrian generals held without charge since 2005. – Reuters

Source: The Daily Star: Major challenges await newly elected parliament.

With Europe turning to the right and Lebanon turning to the common sense (right), why are we now going to go down the paths these countries have found by trial and error they failed? Just asking.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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There are some very good and some funny videos for this weekend, and I’d like to share them with you. Enjoy.

1. The President’s Not-So-Firm Grasp on the Middle East.
Anne Bayefsky joins Roger to shine a light on the hypocrisy (or just plain ignorance) of the President on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as evidenced in his speech in Cairo, Egypt. Click here. [9:24]

2. Keith Olbermann Smacks Down New PJTV Commentator Steven Crowder.
Keith Olbermann smacks down the newest PJTV Commentator Steven Crowder. Click here. [3:49]

3. A New Beginning or More of the Same?
Dr. Walid Phares, of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, joins Roger with devastating analysis of Obama’s Cairo Speech. Click here. [8:43]

4. Government Motors: Former GM Exec, Joe Hicks, Needs A Painkiller After Obama’s Auto Industry “Cure”. Click here. [6:48]

5. Michelle Obama, CoverGirl: But how’s the coverage between the covers? Sonja Schmidt’s Left Exposed. Click here. [4:19]

6. Why Are Conservatives So Mean? Click here. [4:35]

7. U.S. Govt. Tells Terrorists Where to Find the Nukes, The American Public Doesn’t Want to Close Gitmo. Click here. [3:48]

8. AlfonZo Rachel: An Al Gore Environmentalist In ZoNation’s Court. Click here. [2:55]

9. Islamization of the West w/ Carol Gould, Radical Cleric Behind Mumbai Attacks Freed. Click here. [9:11]

10. The ObamaCare Fix: Three Steps to Prevent Nationalized Healthcare. Click here. [10:48]

And one more, because I’d like to know the answer, too!

11. From Lords of the Manor to Girlie Men: When Did Men Become Such Weenies? Click here. [10:54]

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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News: Michael Yon

Secretary Gates Sets Me Straight.
Secretary Gates read my site this morning and corrected an erroneous report from me. My information was actually accurate insofar as I reported what troops were saying — but it was in conflict with the reality.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Sets Me Straight.
29 May 2009

Secretary Gates arrived in Singapore after a 35 hour flight from Kansas. The aircraft landed several times along the way due to a technical issue that precluded in-flight refueling. But he got here. [Continue reading.]

To Alaska!
Secretary Gates has departed the Philippines and is in the air to Alaska. I stayed behind in the Philippines to cover forces who are battling terrorists here.

Secretary Gates in Singapore.
01 June 2009
Manila, Philippines

The Shangri-La security dialogue is over. Bigwigs from all over the region came to the conference, including Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. All the major media outlets piled in, such as the New York Times, AP, and dozens of others from Asia, Europe, and the United States. The dialogue is already well covered in the media, so I’ll write mostly about topics that likely will not make the press. [Continue reading.]

Close Combat and US Navy In The Philippines.
These are great pictures here and here.

Fly from Mindanao to Sulu this morning. Please see latest from Philippines.

03 June 2009

The southern Philippines has been a festering bed for international terrorists for decades. Direct links with al Qaeda and associated groups, such as Jemaah Islamiya (JI), are conclusively established. These groups are collectively responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people from dozens of countries. JI, for instance, was responsible for the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 people, including my friend Beata Pawlak. [.]

He just keeps writing away, and I will keep posting them for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Below please find a press release that I never in my lifetime ever wanted to read.


Black Leader Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Possible Voting Rights Corruption at Justice Department

Political Appointees Said to Overrule Career Staff in Election Intimidation Case

Washington DC: In light of a Washington Times report today that political appointees at the U.S. Department of Justice forced career prosecutors to drop and/or reduce charges against men observed intimidating Philadelphia voters last election day, Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie is calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate this alleged obstruction of the Voting Rights Act by the Obama Administration.

“From all accounts, this was a clear-cut violation of peoples’ right to vote without fear and intimidation, but the Obama Administration appears to be trying to sweep it under the rug,” said Massie. “After all of the allegations about the Bush Administration politicizing the Justice Department, this smacks of either extreme ignorance or extreme hubris on the part of their successors. Whatever the case, an independent investigation is needed to get to the bottom of what’s going on over there.”

According to media reports, on November 4, 2008, Malik Zulu Shabazz, King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense were seen on national television standing outside a Philadelphia polling place in military-style uniforms. Jackson was an official poll watcher that day, representing the 14th Ward Democratic Committee.

Bartle Bull, a long-time civil rights activist who was working as a poll watcher in the area, said in a government affidavit that he saw the men using a nightstick to intimidate voters. Bull said their “clear purpose” was to “intimidate voters with whom they did not agree.” He also said he heard them tell a white poll watcher, “you are about to be ruled by a black man, cracker.”

A civil suit filed by the Justice Department in January alleged the men violated the Voting Rights Act “by continuing to direct intimidation, threats and coercion at voters and potential voters.” After none of the men appeared in court to face the charges, the government sought a default judgment against them.

According to interviews and documents obtained by the Times, the lawyers were later ordered to reverse themselves and ask for the cases against Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson to be dismissed. A default judgment was pursued against King Samir Shabazz to simply prohibit him from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of an open polling place until November 15, 2012.

Justice Department spokesman Alejandro Miyar told the Times: “Claims were dismissed against the other defendants based on a careful assessment of the facts and the law.”

“We’ve got reports of one of the most blatant violations of the Voting Rights Act in recent memory, and the Obama Justice Department is essentially taking a pass. What’s wrong here?” asked Massie. “One could easily surmise that this is Chicago-style payback for helping Obama win the election. That would be a crime in Washington. The only way to find out who did what and for what reason is to bring someone in from the outside to get to investigate these very troubling allegations.”

The Washington Times article, “Career lawyers overruled on voting case; Black Panthers had wielded weapons, blocked polls,” by Jerry Seper, is available online here.

Project 21, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research, has been a leading voice of the African-American community since 1992. For more information, contact David Almasi or Devon Carlin at (202) 543-4110 x11 or e-mail us at Project21 AT nationalcenter DOT org, or visit us at Project 21’s website..

I am deeply and sincerely ashamed for all of us.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Oh my, I have accumulated several videos that I want to share with you. I’ve been so busy still trying to move everything over here that they almost went by me unnoticed. Sorry about that guys. Here ya go:

Hamas Terrorist Tactics in the Gaza Strip. 4/24/09
Israel Air Force Ceremony – F-15 Jets over Auschwitz. 4/24/09

MachoSauceProduction. (ZoNation)
ZoNation: GET OUTTA THE WAY. 4/24/09
ZoNation Shoot Again! 4/24/09
ZoNation YES WE CAN!!! 4/24/09
ZoNation: Land of OZ. 5/2/09
ZoBama’s Under My Bus. 5/2/09
Shoot Again. 5/15/09
Get Outta the way. 5/15/09
Zonation RINO’s and Eggrolls. 5/15/09
ZoNation: Land of “Zo” spelled backwards. 5/22/09
Toilet Tutorial. 5/22/09

Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch on DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. 4/24/09
Tea Party Confidential. 4/24/09
CNBC Larry Kudlow ReasonTV Awesome April 14 2009. 4/24/09
Stalking Jefferson’s Moose: David Post’s New Book Might Just Blow Your Mind. 4/24/09
C-SPAN After Dark: Alcee Hastings’ Cher-Like Awards Show Acceptance Speech.
Obama’s French Toast: Just Say Non. 5/2/09
Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Prison For Legally Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary? 5/2/09
Barack Obama & the DC School Voucher Program. 5/8/09
Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California’s Budget Mess Means for America. 5/15/09
What We Saw at the DC School Voucher Rally. 5/15/09
All the President’s Newsmen. 5/22/09
Smiles Outlawed: DMV Makes Life Even More Miserable. 5/29/09
128 Days Later: It Can Always Get Worse. 5/29/09
Morticians Association of America Endorses President Obama’s Tough New Fuel Efficiency Standards. 5/29/09

Rush Limbaugh on the Obama/Chavez meeting. 4/24/09
John Ziegler Unfairly Arrested and Detained. 4/24/09
Proof CNN is biased against Tea Parties and Conservatives. 4/24/09
International Protests Over Economy. 5/2/09
Air Force One causes NYC terror scare. 5/2/09
Wanda Sykes hopes for Rush Limbaugh’s death while Obama laughs. 5/15/09
Obama Card Commercial. 5/22/09
Obama’s flip flop. 5/22/09

Error in the Qu’ran. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 5/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 4/5The Fruits of Evolution – Part 4/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 3/5. 5/2/09
The Fruits of Evolution – Part 2/5. 5/2/09
God’s Message to You. 5/8/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 3/3. 5/22/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 2/3. 5/22/09
Creatures that Defy Evolution – Part 1/3. 5/22/09
Since33AD Update. 5/22/09
US Navy SEALs – Part 5/5. 5/29/09

Other Interesting Videos.
Pro-life Anti-Abortion Video: Development of the Unborn Baby. 5/22/09
Close air support ~ A-10 Warthog. 5/29/09
California DMV – Driving Tests # 8 Poor Scanning. 5/29/09
Lec 1 | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999. 5/29/09
How to Kill Terrorists. 5/29/09
John McCain: No, You Can’t. 5/29/09

Last, but certainly not least, I have a video from Jay over at Stop the ACLU. On it, CAIR is caught selling anti-Judea-Christian literature to a terrorist. Nice of our gov’t, wouldn’t ya say? I guess we’re paying them to kill us. This has to be stopped. You may find it here: CAIR Jihadist Supporters Caught Red Handed Selling Anti-Christian/Anti-Jewish Materials In Public Park. Get out of my country! Have a nice evening.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Tuning In: May 5, 2009.
The helicopter took us deep into the jungle, and from there we picked up the track. Since it was primary jungle, the undergrowth was scant. The enemy could have gone any direction. We moved for 7½ hours, during which time we stayed on the track, but found only one boot print, and finally half of another boot print. At around the eight hour, we had walked some miles, and were starting to find a few obvious boot prints. If this were Afghanistan, we would have caught up to the enemy.

Please see “Tuning In.”

Bigfoot: 5/7/09.
The tracking course has ended. It’s astounding that every U.S. combat troop has not been through similar training. As it is, only small handful of U.S. troops can track anything less than Bigfoot. Please read “Making Tracks.”

Am going straight into other training with British forces who will deploy to Afghanistan.

Gurkha: 5/10/09.
Greetings from Borneo,

Gurkhas in the British Army are preparing to return to Afghanistan. Others are serving there today. Several days ago, a Gurkha was lost to a suicide bomber. His name was Corporal Kumar Pun. This morning, one of Pun’s friends told me that his wife had recently delivered a child. Everybody I have spoken with very much liked Pun. They say he was an excellent soldier and a good man. In total, four British soldiers were lost in a period of 24 hours. The soldiers are honoring their comrades and also taking this training very seriously.

Please read.

Gurkha II: 5/11/09.
Please see Gurkha II.

Also, General McKiernan is to be replaced in Afghanistan. Lieutenant General Stanley McChyrstal will take the top spot. McChrystal has a great repuation for the fight, but he comes from a special operations background. Our special operations forces are incredible fighters, but they can be counted on to lose even the easiest of press battles. This war is largely being fought in the press. I would tend to expect the Taliban bodycount to increase, but also that we will not be able to find the light switch to the press. The special operations world basically “owned” the Afghan war for years. Everybody seemed to have gotten what they wanted; a war without media scrutiny. Our special operators won many battles. But look at Afghanistan today.

Gates, Petraeus, McKiernan, McChrystal and Rodrigues: 5/13/09.
The command shakeup in Afghanistan has many people talking. I’ve been with the British Army. British officers have many questions about the change. I have no special knowledge of the situation other than a couple of hunches based on recent experiences. I can say that of my concerns about AfPak, U.S. military leadership is at the very bottom of the list. Our leadership is strong and experienced. In broad strokes, I’m simply not concerned. I am greatly concerned about AfPak, though. The situation continues to rot. Please see read: Gates, Petraeus, McKiernan, McChrystal and Rodriguez.

Gurkha III: 5/13/09.
Am leaving Borneo today and heading back to the war in the next week or so. Please see the photos on Gurkha III.

Return of General Lee: 5/14/09.
Having left Borneo, am turning myself back to the war. Meanwhile, interesting news about the “General Lee” has come in. Many folks might recall the “General Lee.” The General Lee is a Stryker fighting vehicle that was blown up, along with crew, several times in Iraq. The crew survived and kept returning to battle, but finally the General Lee took a very hard shot. Captain Brad Krauss was the Commander of the General Lee when it kept getting blown up. I asked Captain Krauss if he could write a few words about his crew and the General Lee. Please see the good Captain’s response.

Strykers will soon be fighting in Afghanistan. The Taliban will not know what hit them.

Base in Afghanistan Increases Internal Security: 5/16/09.
Military at Kandahar Airfield has instructed contractors on base to wear body armor and helmets, and carry ID at all times. Please see.

Tracking Afghanistan: 5/19/09.
U.S. Special Operations Forces are missing a crucial piece of training: They can’t track men on foot any better than a weekend hunter could track a buck. Please see “Tracking Afghanistan.”

Night Shots from Iraq: 5/20/09.
Was heading to Pakistan next week before diving back into Afghanistan for the long haul, but there has been a slight adjustment over the last few hours; heading to Philippines first. Please stay tuned. Please see these helicopter photos from Iraq.

In Honor of Veterans: 5/25/09.
A short dispatch!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Below please find the writings of one Muslim man who has been trying to fight the Islamofascists ever since I’ve been aware of him. I’m not asking you to totally trust him right off, you wouldn’t do that for anyone else! I just ask that you give him a fair chance.

Exclusive: Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists.
M. Zuhdi Jasser. April 20, 2009.

As we try to understand where the Obama administration will fall with regards to the global threat of political Islam, the first few months have provided a number of hints, not least of which was the tenor of the recent visit to Turkey. It was painfully obvious after witnessing the length to which the Obama team went to avoid any substantive discussion on political Islam and the threat it poses to human rights abroad and domestically. Domestically, in the weeks preceding his trip, Islamists inside the Beltway began to more openly play their cards to what they obviously perceive to be a friendly administration. Groups like the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) are trying to establish themselves in a position of influence inside the White House, the House, and the Senate. [Continue reading Family Security Matters.]

“The Battle Within”: Moderate Muslim who co-founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy examines complications with his faith – and the political world’s approach to it.
Saturday, April 25, 2009

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Georgia).
By ALLISON KENNEDY – akennedy@ledger-enquirer.com.

When President Barack Obama made his first presidential visit to the Middle East earlier this month, he was criticized by some groups for being too accommodating — in part because of his push for peace in the war-torn region and a two state solution between Israel and Palestine. An American Muslim physician who will speak in Columbus on Thursday is concerned that Obama wants to set back relations with the Middle East by 20 or 30 years.

It’s the Ideology! [Continue reading Family Security Matters.]

Inside Politics Weekend- Small Change.
By Jennifer Harper (Contact) | Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should America make nice with the Taliban? Uh-h-h, maybe not, says M. Zuhdi Jasser, a former U.S. Navy officer, physician and chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

“President Obama’s recent overture to the Taliban not only sends a dangerous message of appeasement to our sworn enemies, but it sends a lethal message of abandonment to all those who have suffered the oppression of the Taliban,” Dr. Jasser says.

“How can a presidential candidate who campaigned on a message of ‘change’ turn around as president and completely abandon those who seek change away from the thugs and theocrats of the Taliban of Afghanistan?” [Continue reading Washinngton Times.]

Taliban Spokesman ‘Paints’ a Troubling Picture of U.S. Islamists.
by Sid Shahid
April 28, 2009 at 12:26 pm

The brutality of the Taliban resurgence in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been well documented in the media. The danger officially metastasized into Pakistan on April 13 as beleaguered President Asif Ali Zardari signed into law the Nizam-e-Adl regulation. Translated from Urdu as the “System of Justice,” this travesty gave the Taliban the right to dispense this so-called “justice” as per their interpretation of Shari’a law. It also gave them virtually unrestricted control of the Swat Valley.

The Talibs have been quickly expanding their control in this troubled region of Pakistan, gaining strength and legitimacy. Most telling is what their spokesman Muslim Khan recently said in a CNN interview, not only about gladly harboring and protecting Osama bin Laden, but also about his desire to see Shari’a law implemented beyond Pakistan, even in America. The kicker is that for four years the Taliban spokesman lived in the United States, apparently working as a painter near Boston.

All of a sudden, what has been depicted in the media as the cancer of Taliban extremism half way around the world seems to hit perilously close to home. [Continue reading Islamist Watch.]

Pious Muslims are needed to defeat Islamists.
by M. Zuhdi Jasser, April 29, 2009, 6:10 AM

In his first three months in office, President Barack Obama has focused on creating a relationship of “mutual interest and mutual respect” with what he has described as the “Muslim world.”

His inaugural address, his interview on Al-Arabiya and his most recent visit to Turkey were all long on platitudes and apologetics toward the religion of Islam and Muslims, and short on specifics. Most recently, the new administration was even discussing making overtures with the “moderate” version of the Taliban in order to achieve a quick solution to the violence in Afghanistan, at the expense of long-term violations of human rights and Western ideals.

While the president’s public relations initiative may yield some immediate benefit globally as measured in the public opinion polls of Muslims abroad, this is hardly the kind of real needed “change” that will last generations. Our security is not threatened by the tactic of terrorism, but rather by those individuals who are driven by the political ideology that feeds the mind-set of radical Islamism.

Islamists seek to put into place Islamic states and the associated system of laws best described as governmental sharia. Islamism is to this global conflict of the 21st century what communism was to the Cold War and Nazism was to World War II. [Continue reading.]

Getting Real on Shariah.

Recently, the Obama administration released a message to senior Pentagon officials instructing that the term “Global War on Terror” is no longer to be used. It is to be replaced with “Overseas Contingency Operation” (OCO). Set aside the flashbacks to meaningless phrases employed by “Big Brother” in Orwell’s 1984, are we really now of the opinion that there is no common unifying ideology which hatches the radical Islamist groups attacking us? [Continue reading at the Huffington Post.]

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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